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Provide Spacious Putting Technology and Gaming Entertainment for Large or Small Groups!      

What is a SmartGreen?

Powered by Nextlinks, the SmartGreen™️ is a world class putting and gaming system designed to entertain small or large groups at hotels, resorts, golf courses, private clubs, venues and much more! Three main components make up a single SmartGreen™️ putting and gaming entertainment system.    

SmartGreen Putting and Gaming Entertainment System

World Class Putting Surface

SmartGreen™️ world class full-size putting surfaces are at least 576 square feet (36×16): Custom sizes available!    

SmartGreen Canopy by Nextlinks

Commercial Grade Gaming Spotlights

Each SmartGreen™️ putting surface comes with 3 commercial grade gaming spotlights that facilitate putting games.

SmartGreen Putting and Gaming Entertainment System

iPad and Gaming Dashboard App

Each SmartGreen™️ gaming system is controlled by a user friendly Apple iPad gaming dashboard and application.


Home Menu

The SmartGreen comes with 8 user familiar and easy to learn putting games. These putting games include 2-putt par challenge, darts, corn hole, shuffleboard, beer pong, around the world, and even high stakes money games.

Select Player Difficulty Level

SmartGreen putting games can be handicapped to allow for equal competition between beginners and skilled players. Player difficulty is broken down into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

NextLinks Challenge

The 2-putt par NextLinks Challenge is a traditional stroke play competition that is only played on the putting surface. 

  • birdie = 1 putt (-1)
  • par = 2 putt
  • bogey = 3 putt (+1)
  • double bogey = 4 putt (+2)


Play the traditional game of darts on the putting green and at a much quicker pace. The SmartGreen scoring dashboard  facilitates a fast pace putting game from player to player. Play up to 8 players per game.  

High Stakes Putting

Play high stakes or money games. The SmartGreen algorithm automatically tracks the odds of each putt using the most up to date tour putting data. Play against the putting odds of  4:1, 5:1, 10:1 and even 25:1.  

Putting Beer Pong

Beer Pong has a new putting face. Each player putts until a miss and the next player goes: this game challenges the putting touch of players with 10 holes (cups) into a 6 to 10 square foot area.

Corn Hole

Corn Hole is a very popular game for all ages and is straight forward to learn. Board = 1 pt, Hole = 3 pts. 

Shuffle Board

Shuffle Board is a popular game and is straight forward to learn. For the SmartGreen version of Shuffle Board, each player putts the ball to the designated locations.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 3 point scoring system in play. 

Around the World

Around the World allows you to entertain 8 or up to 40 people every hour: a “fast paced” around the world putting match. Around the World  putting game is perfect for entertaining and engaging large groups. 


Entertain All Ages & Skill Levels

Entertain and socially engage members and guests of all ages and skill levels. All putting games can be easily handicapped for fair gaming and competitive play

Monetize Night or Bad Weather

Gain the ability to monetize the night and inclement weather at your hotel or resort course, public or private club throughout all the seasons. 

Create New F&B Sales Channel

Create a new revenue channel not just from gaming zone rentals but by creating an entirely new food and beverage sales channel at your golf property.  

Entertain Groups Spaciously

Each gaming zone ranges in size from a 1000 to 1500 square feet: this spaciously entertains up to 8 people per hour per gaming zone: for 10 gaming zones, that’s 80 players per hour. 

Enhance Social Atmosphere

Whether it’s one or multiple gaming zones, the atmosphere surrounding every SmartGreen™️ gaming system is custom designed uniquely for your members and guests.

Integrate with Swing Simulator

Patent protected, the SmartGreen™️ enables a full round of golf to be played indoors: the data goes from the swing simulator to Nextlinks technology and then onto the putting surface.

Host Putting Tournaments

Host putting competitions, tournaments, leagues and more to provide another form of golf entertainment that supplements traditional golf and putting.

Entertain Small or Large Groups

Entertain small or large groups within multiple gaming zones. No matter how small or large the group, merging or dividing gaming zones and making the change is a breeze for staff.  

Provide Easy Check-In & Booking

Provide a full size indoor putting surface that enables an augmented putting games experience that socially gathers and entertains both small and large groups unlike any other.

Support Golf Instructors

Support your golf teaching professionals by blocking off time so they can offer interactive putting lessons to students utilizing SmartGreen™️ technology and gamification.  

Limit Staff Overhead

The putting and gaming system offers limited staff overhead cost. Set up to entertain to serve 60+ people with 3 staff members: 1 check-in host, 1 gaming host and 1 server.

Train Staff Quickly

With an easy to explain iPad gaming dashboard, games that are familiar to the masses and a seamless check-in/booking system, staff can be trained within 4 hours.

Receive Low Maintenance Warranty

Everything involved with the SmartGreen™️ putting and gaming system is warranty protected for 3 years or more: this includes the putting surface, gaming hardware/software.   

Build for the Future Now

Build your golf entertainment infrastructure for your golf property now and into the future. As our gaming and technology capabilities advance so does your golf property.   


Access Buyers Guide

SmartGreen Buyers Guide

Jump Start the Competition Before June 1st 2020. Provide Spacious Putting Entertainment in 2021!.