Shots in the Night

Shots in the Night consists of overlaying NextLinks proprietary putting technology onto a pre-built or custom built green. Businesses and venues have the opportunity to purchase Shots in the Night technology from NextLinks to provide a zone-based state of the art putting experience for their patrons.

A typical Shots in the Night putting zone measures roughly 800 square feet (40’ x 20’) and offers a unique and distinctly rentable space, enabled by NextLinks proprietary technology. There are 2 types of purchase options: 

1. Tech Only – The customer supplies the putting green (i.e. Public Course would use their practice putting green area).


2. SmartGreen – NextLinks proprietary putting green crafted for optimum game enjoyment and playability of the NextLinks technology. Replicable and designed to host competitive league play between systems and across multiple locations.

Indian Wells Golf Resort Case Study… the first commercial success and reason to believe
NextLinks has partnered with Indian Wells Golf Resort (“IWGR”) for a Shots in the Night venue that has heralded as a wildly successful and profitable investment for the city owned property, credited with yielding more than $1M USD in incremental revenue at completion of the first season of operation in June of 2019.

IWGR is a golf resort developed in 1987 and now serves as the principal recreational amenity for the city, with the 36-hole golf course as the premier amenity for the resort.

The overall “campus” of IWGR includes the golf club and four hotels totaling 1,507 rooms. Two hotels (Renaissance and Hyatt Regency) are directly proximate to the golf club on the north side of Highway 111, and two other smaller hotels (Miramonte and Indian Wells Resort Hotel) are on the south side of Highway 111.

The direct economic performance of the golf club at IWGR had been declining in recent years, with both total rounds of golf and total club revenue falling to five- year lows in fiscal year 2016, while total operating expenses were at an all-time high. As a result, the City of Indian Wells approached NextLinks to explore the addition of new golf entertainment content that could be added to the resort.


 NextLinks rose to the challenge and by October 2018 opened seven new Shots in the Night putting zones with capacity for up to 56 patrons concurrently, co-creating the overall experience in the process. The fourth season of operation opened in October 2021 to much fanfare as the season has already largely been pre-booked with special event reservations.

We will be creating new Shots In The Night venues all of the United States in the near future, using our Indian Wells success, tech and gameplay as our compass.